Advantages of cold foam mattress

Mattresses play a fundamental role in the health of the human skeleton. It is, therefore, all the more important to find the perfect companion for the sleeping phase for the next eight to ten years. Only in this way does the spine benefit from the characteristics of the chosen mattress. Our website aims to help you choose the right mattress.

Cold foam mattress

Cold foam mattresses consist of a cold foam core and a cover and thus have – in comparison to other mattress types – a simple structure. This also results in a low weight, which makes cold foam mattresses easier to handle.

Cold foam mattresses are known above all for their high point elasticity and sleeping comfort. Due to the properties of cold foam and the lying areas, they offer a high precision fit of the mattress to the body and are suitable for all types of sleep, restless sleepers and people who freeze easily.

Shoulder and hip can sink in softly through the cold foam, while the rest of the body is supported. In this way, the spine retains its natural shape. The discs and spine can relax and regenerate during the night and the unpleasant back and neck pain persists.

Cold foam mattresses are considered very hygienic and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. The washable cover allergens and dust mites are removed from the mattress and relieve the allergy during the night.

Cold foam mattresses are highly flammable. Even at temperatures higher than 400 ° C, the mattress can go up in flames. The risk can be reduced by a flame retardant cover. Buy Cold foam mattress now at amerisleep

Since cold foam mattresses do not have a core, they need stabilizing a slatted frame with suspension. The sprung slatted frame stabilizes the mattress and thus also the spine. Sleeping comfort increases.


  • Excellent air circulation through open-pored foam structure, air chambers and ventilation channels
  • high point elasticity due to material properties and lying zones
  • Washable cover at temperatures of 40 ° C and 60 ° C with the washing machine
  • suitable for all types of sleep